is at the beginning of August 2014, Baidu Adsense Institute released "(New Edition) revision to minimize the loss of a text, as a supplement and update the news of late April, this also means that Baidu webmaster in website of College tools upgrade and optimization more and more perfect.

on the website of this event, we all know that the site damage is inevitable, but if not timely damage minimum treatment, drop ranking, reverse, snapshot included even website drop right, Baidu punishment is not alarmist.

and for the website revision take what measures, to the greatest extent avoid the revision brought about by the collection and traffic loss, according to the Baidu Adsense Institute of the latest news, can be divided into three steps:

first step: make sure the old and new content jumps,

whether to change the domain name or directory, URL, pattern changes, to ensure that the entire content of the jump is complete, and there are rules to follow.

second step: set 301 jump

uses 301 jump to redirect the page, Baidu search engine will automatically deal with

remind: 301 jump to maintain a period of time, until the new web crawling, included, sorting, and then expected to be lifted.

third step: use Baidu webmaster platform tool

using Baidu Webmaster Platform tools (website tools, grab tools, tools and the frequency of abnormal grab Baidu index tools), can accelerate the processing of Baidu search engine on the 301 jump, complete convergence of new and old contents as soon as possible.

after three steps above, this period of time through the webmaster website crawl in abnormal, grab frequency setting, index fluctuation, the number of links has been replaced with other aspects of good control, in addition, the old version of the domain name of the website is reserved for a period of time, until the new web site in Baidu search engine the index and show results in line with expectations, Baidu Adsense website tools are greatly improved this work process simple, intuitive website data changes.

webmaster tools About Baidu revision, in fact, as early as the end of 2012, Baidu released the Webmaster Platform Website Tools beta, constantly on the website during the upgrade tool adjustment and release notes and attention, tools such as:

August 1, 2014: (New Edition) how will the revision loss be reduced to the minimum

April 21, 2014: how to reduce the loss after revision to the minimum

July 25, 2013: website revision notes

May 21, 2013: website revision tool upgrade version Online – support all forms of revision

December 18, 2012: website revision tool, beta version, on-line announcement,