research venture investment also has some days, there are some experiences for everyone to communicate, I hope to give you some enlightenment. Many people fantasize about being able to get venture capital, think of plans, send emails to venture capital, and fail to take a look at venture capital. How big are they going to invest in you?. Should you look at their investment cases?. Maybe it will enlighten you.

this time is certainly the hottest network group purchase group purchase, because the model is relatively simple and clear, after the American entrepreneurs see the myth of Groupon copied to the 24 Chinese wantonly, coupons, handle network, market network, cool group network, ah ah, 5151 large web site to obtain the risk investment. We can not help but think of the video network, SNS, everyone was rushing headlong to the final success of the few. Many websites are having a hard time. We suddenly found that as long as the United States over the model, it is easy to obtain venture capital, because everyone has invested, failed, nor is it entirely my fault, this is what venture capital think. Jinsha River venture to handle net twice strategic investment. Handle net is by the former focus of the real estate network co-founder Wu Bo founded the network buy platform. On line three months to date, has received $10 million investment, and in 12 cities nationwide to buy group service. Talking about the investment in handle nets, Zhu Xiaohu said he was very optimistic about the service enterprise e-commerce, and the founder of the handle network founder Wu Bo is very confident. He believes that after six months or a large number of group buying website faces bankruptcy, and survivors need most is a business model and have a profound understanding of the executive ability of the team.

for a period of time before the electronic commerce is very hot, but the electronic commerce in Chinese has been developed for many years, there has been basic, more and more people online shopping habits, the risk of investment is also recognized for risk investment shopping sites have red children, dream bazaar, buy nets, Amoy net, good buy music etc.. The risk investment is optimistic about the industry, access to investment speed is very fast, because they were afraid of the other risk investment The early bird catches. In an industry where venture capital is not known, they often have to look at it for some time, and it takes about 6-12 months to complete the investment. Of course, optimistic about the industry soon, Amoy network CEO Bisheng about financing, said that Bi Sheng decided to finance as early as April 8th letao board, then sent in April 12th issued a few more familiar with the VC on the financing of the mail to. "Roughly, I mean financing, if you’re interested, let’s see."." Second days in the mail that has continued to receive ten or twelve mail, letao finally choose the Tiger Fund and DT capital. "All the real contracts are signed in April 29th. Then wait for the capital injection time."

someone might ask, is there any other website that is prone to risky investments? I can only answer what you say, I don’t know. One of my friends made a website, he felt that his website did well, and it was a professional cosmetic network