raped Baidu and sent me IP million

a day

is the first to believe that the authenticity of the content is uncertain. We are not necessarily to find out. I write the purpose of this content is to see the webmaster to flow of concern.

everyone knows that Baidu is the most widely used search engine in china. Now, Baidu for their own profits, again and again to change the algorithm, again and again manual intervention. We can’t find the north by these little station leaders. Watch the website that is built personally, be removed by Baidu from search. That mood only webmaster can understand. That’s our painstaking effort. Is it unfair for you to do this to us? Although it is said that the CN domain name in China is cheap to 1 yuan, it has resulted in a large number of garbage stations. But what about the sites that aren’t garbage? Why do they all end up? Aren’t they afraid of Chinese little station leaders rising against


maybe Baidu never thought of our small stations. Because people are big, they have money. Then I would like to ask, if you do not include a station, to see who worry? People still use you to find the data? You come to what is a problem, Baidu about. If all the personal website all together, let you not included, you can Baidu what? Only Baidu one fart? Look at the web site, with a fixed population, we do provide free resources and people, such a result.

, are you the boss? I don’t think so. Because you don’t have a boss. No forgiveness! You are a little earlier than the other search? What? My thumb in a house of literature because of back to the virus, now you give me every day to 10 IP? I have more than once to contact you for leniency, the result? Hurt yourself. I can only accept bad luck. My furniture website, did less than three days, you have included. But in exchange for asking me to do price ranking. You’re kidding. I give you money? Is it a dream? Money doesn’t give you flowers!


why do Chinese people always like to use Baidu? Now looking at the search results, the first three pages can not find any useful information at all. You also said that we stood garbage, you included the content is not more rubbish? Say when people refuse Sapaosui look their best first. Look at your virtue,


you don’t give traffic, there is no way? People Google to? Although less, but always know that their station does not do it, you bully us all day long, we must unite, and think of ways to treat you,


webmaster friends, if you are affected by the gas, we can unite, rape Baidu! If you are in Baidu gas, you will take a reply!! we breathe out! (remember don’t swear too.)

reproduced please note: thumb house literature network, author: Dreamer