the rise of the Internet, so that the media network into the public eye. Compared with the traditional media such as newspapers, TV and radio stations, the advantages of Internet media are undoubtedly more time sensitive and interactive. 911 after 3 minutes, immediately send out alerts, and the newspaper is generally second days a popular news report; NetEase may bring thousands of reply within one hour, but the news headlines, absolutely not many viewers to call the CCTV comment.

with the exception of a few portals have some original news, most news websites are not original news, news content is how they cooked? Can be summed up in two words: replication and adaptation. In the current copyright law is not perfect environment, it is "world news a big copy". Portal not to copy them in a flagrant way, and major news agencies and traditional newspapers have cooperation, but some local sites and small sites on the, or change the title and abstract is issued, some even copy the original.


website editor who serve in the traditional media reporters and editors of two staff, responsible for the source, collection, selection, adaptation, publishing, interactive and other steps, with the mouse and keyboard to build communication platform and website visitors. It can be said that whether the news website is successful or not, the effectiveness of the website editor is the key.

so, how do you edit your website? How do you start publishing news?.

said earlier, news website editor has chosen the source, collection, selection, adaptation, release, interaction of these steps, the selection of source, collection, selection and adaptation is the most important, just released an action, but some interaction with reply articles need to participate, we mainly talk about the first four.

source selection

first, the portal is the preferred resource.

portals are all inclusive. Whether you’re a sports station, a bus station, a military station, an entertainment station, a financial station, an education station, you can always find the news you need if you lock any web site. However, the channel is not everyone’s top quality, and they have a focus. So, don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

, for example, is a local news site where we stand, in addition to publishing local news every day, but also to send some sports, military, entertainment, financial and other aspects. As a result, I have sina sports, China Network military, Sohu entertainment, NetEase finance as one of the news sources.

second, search engines are good news sources.

now, whether it’s Baidu or Google, there are news channels, and there are a variety of categories, refresh very quickly, basically meet the needs.

third, similar websites.

of course, you can’t choose a smaller or smaller site than you do. For example, you are a financial station, >