platform and systems say so long, we all understand that the future product chain must be closed in a closed loop, the only way to ensure efficient use of traffic. But in view of the reality of the product market, it seems that we can not find convincing facts. The platform and the system is indeed a beautiful dream, but no capital, no ordinary webmaster can rely on channel APP application called to compete in the Internet bigwigs and tickets? Also said that even if there are resources, channel, platform strategy is not necessarily a natural thing.

A realistic case of

platform strategy

Suning, Baidu these traditional tyrannical investment in the platform and the system level of energy and money can not say much, but the effect is not persuasive. Suning platform is more like wishful thinking, online and offline unification is more of an idealized consideration, and the concept of cloud mall is more understated real-life experience and cumbersome.

therefore, it is not resources and money to do the platform, but you need to master some skills to make your efforts more effective. In other words, as ordinary webmaster, we cannot think that resources are only open platform platform, as long as the master of the properties and the conditions required for ordinary webmaster can still build an ecological system. So what is the shortcut to the open platform in the eyes of the author?

Prerequisites for

open platform

grab the high viscosity users is that we must be clear, because the user is site even platform derived soil, no basis for the development of benign, any concept can not be made, the wind had time to do the webmaster biological biological carrier platform, we will always think the resources needed to put together, and provide reasonable prices can be, but I ignored a key point is that the preferences of the audience and repeat purchase rate. My good product is right, but in the network really need this product is not very concentrated, I must seize the reality in the production chain, to be part of the flow into line under the guidance of the force, really developed to buy a part of solid relationship. Taobao, millet and even why can fire, not a fan of the accumulated results, so users, high viscosity users are key words repeated purchasing power, but also one of the rules of survival of the platform.

The concept of

pay attention to their own brand culture is not a not essential, we always think I do, as long as useful to everyone’s right, but as the Internet products, full of comparison and competition, you can have another platform, the platform can also have, then to the end, you go to guide the flow of costs will be more than many of its rivals, this will produce pressure on their capital chain. Therefore, early to give yourself a value, a cultural outlook, so that users will be at a fixed time to think of your platform, use your platform, so that it is a mature platform performance.

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