recently talked with some friends who have ideas about how to start a website, and found that many people, especially those who have just touched the website, have made a big mistake. Their plan is this: from some information or channel, found a network of gaps in the market, but think this market is so big, so I think it is a good idea to start, excited, ready to start site. The next bit of capital, directly to the Internet company to do the site, and then…… 99.99% of the people died a little miserable……

such a friend what mistake? Generally speaking is the lack of site planning, or site planning work is not in place, including several fatal mistakes, after the article I explain, today said the first fatal error: lack of market research. Website business, in fact, do business, business is based on the market, there is no market, no business at all. But the market is not just you can imagine, there are many factories to produce new products unsalable every year? How many new and old website disappearing every year? It is because they do not understand the market, do not understand the customer, which factory production of a product before don’t think their product is how how practical, which create a new site webmaster not think that this model is very novel, but they didn’t grasp the idea of the majority of customers. When you mind the initiation of an idea, the first thing is not excited, but to do a market survey, confirm it is not the existence of such a consumer groups, to provide you with the pattern they are willing to accept, how much the probability of acceptance.

this is not the end, this is just the first step of market investigation, if the first step as you expected, the market is there, and indeed some people are really willing to spend in this area, then you can enter the second step of market investigation, that is the service of the investigation group. The so-called service group investigation, that is your site is to do what people see, which provides the service for the people, this is the number of groups in the proportion of Internet, how many people are there, they are eager to accept or what service mode. This determines your website function module and user experience, can not be ignored.

said the market inserted survey, a lot of people is in line with several aspects of the users, a few words on the drag in all sorts of irrelevant matters said he has done a market survey, perhaps a handful of special sites can do such investigation, but 99.99% of the site should not do market research, suggest a way: first create a the questionnaire, then copy number, a language exchange draft, the end is doing business as to find your "customers", and your "customer" communication. Of course, in this, you will encounter obstacles, but definitely small things, can not solve the business to ask the eldest brother of the big sister, without the master, the entry-level salesman can teach you.

market survey results show that the service group of this project has a certain scale, and there is a certain proportion of Internet access, you also have the ability to