content through the network communication ability is crazy, but the network is not all good content will be a lot of communication, except for some * * video course, as a writer, we cannot guarantee that our content will be a lot of people love and communication, but we can use some skills when writing to make the text more easily be reproduced readers.

one, write long, deep articles,

has made a scientific research, statistics to see what kind of content will make it easier to share and reproduced, and the analysis of the content with what factors affecting people’s communication, and the first finding is that the longer article is often reproduced, of course it may not be the reason is because the pure words that is because more long articles can make readers more time immersed in the contents of the article, and a long article to have more opportunities to make it more depth.

two resonates and stimulates people’s emotions,

has done a test, will have a very common technical articles to do some modifications, adding more personal emotions into it, and reproduced readers have greatly improved, there are emotional articles can be more aroused readers and spread your article.

of course, not all emotions contribute to the passage of the article. If you are expressing a negative or degrading, insulting, etc boring emotion, it may cause a lot of people’s disgust. Through a number of controversial topics to stimulate the reader’s anger or uneven, studies have also showed that: the controversial topic can let the article get two times comments, for example Wong Kar Wai released shortly before the master, said that word of mouth full polarization, poetic realm, that is not good in the cinema to sleep, but the more controversial reputation but the poles attract more people to come to the cinema viewing experience.

three, prove that you care about

the process of writing with their own emotions and judgment can get more share, but in the professional writing in the content to create your own feelings is difficult, it is really a little weakness, I always do not write their own emotions, even I write my own very love the characters or themes. But the fact is that I know that articles that are too specialized and mechanical are hard to share with readers.

few people pay attention to stereotyped, prosaic articles, so the author needs to write their own content, at the time of writing carefully, care about their own articles, thoughtful and have some insight to write a good article.

four, useful article

The content of the

article needs to be useful to the reader, even interesting and unexpected. Current readers are disgusted with the accumulation of nonsense. Therefore, do not avoid doing some kind of disease – free articles.

five, celebrity