says "0", "do" is "1", and "the two" are qualitatively different. In the premise of the method is clear, the final spell is execution, a person, organization, can win in the competition, which is also one of the core factors.

as you can see, this problem in a very long period of time has been bothering me, especially when I just switch to do the operation, every day at the search operation how to do, how to understand the operation of the article, it can not start, the feeling is very strong.

Why does this happen in

? It’s not enough experience and deep understanding There is too little reading. Is there a wrong way to learn? These reasons have been thought of, and also have. But I couldn’t catch the main one at the moment, but it also decided that I couldn’t do further promotion, so I was very upset.

over the past year, I have also thought about this problem, and simply re write this question, and write it down as an answer to myself a year ago.

well, how to learn the operation in the fragmented information environment? In answer to this question, we will first transform ideas, namely: read so many articles, information (fragmentation), but still can not do what is the cause of operation?

one, what’s the reason?

in my opinion, there are three reasons: first, the high degree of theoretical and fragmentation of data; two, the operating threshold is improving, industry segmentation is beginning; three, organizational resource differentiation.

first, the theory of data is highly theoretical and fragmented

at present, because the operation of the work of emerging, so in operation circles there is no uniform definition, you can see each big coffee has its own understanding, therefore, the concept of this operation but much discussed, but, in my opinion, even if the concept of operations have a different understanding, but the core the operational capability of culture is undoubtedly a kind of resource integration ability, through the use of various resources, in some way, to achieve a certain purpose.

therefore, such a process, you have the resources, your understanding of the current situation of resources, your familiarity will affect you in what way to realize, this has also decided the operation work is divergent, difficult to summarize, flexible.

therefore, in such a context, we now see in the various channels of the article, there is a large part of their predecessors theoretical summary, this article has two characteristics, the first is the theoretical point, you can go to check. In theory, the most obvious is does not have the guidance of practical maneuverability, by the end of this article, you may know that the biggest harvest is some concepts, such as several major methods of operation, several core skills, several important thinking, however the specific operation is performed without any concept the.

second is characterized by broken bits