is 26 years old, graduated from university has yet to enter the industry in thirty years of age, 3 years. I’m afraid the sour, sweet, bitter, hot in addition to their own unknown. 2010 graduated from the university to do network editor in a small company, a month after the start of the so-called "quit entrepreneurship", 3 years there were 5 stations have earned had lost the excitement of a lonely, dare not say do webmaster for a lifetime, but also on the permanent identity difficult to let go of the webmaster.

1 entering the arena, the first gold

in 2010, the first site to do is now bad street Taobao guest website, as a rookie novice. From the purchase of the domain name, host to the FTP upload is a little bit to learn here, I think I was the epitome of countless small personal webmaster, network code cannot read, network technology has not learned, a little Photoshop, the technical level that will do the website, the reasons for the most is the Internet business chiefs flourishes story to flicker.

my luck is good, catch up with the last crazy Taobao. Using a static Taobao crown shop Daquan program made a stand, and then use worldpress to build a shopping recommendation blog. Fortunately a blog (Taobao custom shop recommended soft article) be included in Baidu keyword ", when the November 11th Taobao promotion row to Baidu home third, suddenly brought tens of thousands of traffic, the Taobao passenger Commission close to 9 thousand yuan, I was in shock, victory came too suddenly, so that virtual hosting once the collapse of the web page, open the phenomenon have occurred.

blind luck that I am sure that network too easy to make money, but the good times don’t last long. Second months of commission income dropped to 5 thousand, third and more than 4 thousand months…… Six months after the income into 3 digits, and I have been. It is not difficult to see that this time I "outbreak" is pure luck, luck after I have nothing left. It is the most boring thing to study the content of SEO and the contents of the building with only a quiet mind.


stumbled, trial and error

2011, a large number of Baidu Taobao blocked off site, my station was plucked, traffic fell sad. Coupled with the homogenization of countless sites, my station simply no reason for users to stay. So I started looking for a new industry, a site navigation station, although I try to website interface is very fresh and very beautiful, but the navigation station competition, major stations are behind the Internet gangster, I as a personal small webmaster no advantage. People have a browser bundled, people have input method, people have Baidu, people have security guards. And I, I have only one heart not to know good from bad.

I began to understand the reality, decided to narrow the scope to look into my city – Changzhou. Do a Changzhou group purchase Daquan, API collected by the group purchase website data, rely on monthly promotion and profit commission rebate. As we all know in the first half of 2011 to buy a large outbreak of the site, buy concept >