recently used to search, find the row in front of the site has a lot of big website or search its website as a small website how to break through this dilemma, what can get traffic and users, the website is in the content or the user is king.

has always been that content is king, depending on the content can win, and today when the author Yang Tao and Liu Huafang exchanges, he said that website construction is user centric, access to users is the most important. There are many portals relying on the contents of success, there are many websites without content, but rely on user victory, transactional Web sites and Web2.0 sites, do not produce content, they provide users with services or platforms, exchanges in the website, allowing users to create content.

does not rely on content for the content of the site, of course, is not content for the king, the user is the core design, but at the same time in the construction of appropriate content, from the user’s solution to design. For users to create content, in the presentation of the way to be more user centric.

from another point of view, the content is king, more important is to take into account the search engine, relying on content to search included, bring more traffic. There are many social and trade web sites, they have a large number of users, less dependence on search, and some sites also block the search engine.

many people do believe that rely on content have flow, there are a large number of stations on the development, acquisition, human or update, or false original, only in exchange for the Internet more duplicate content, the result is the final result of the search user dissatisfaction, discontent, also led to the site development is not up, the content of the website is to do to whom, is for the user to view the content has to be determined by the user, then the most important website or to the user to the king, with the user to the core content and services, such as content based website, in the content of the organization should pay attention to the user experience, and make the content let users love the site.

search in the Webmaster Help show that the content of the web site for the user’s content, to do so that users like the content. Mr. Zhu Jianfei, the technology director at Google, repeated the idea of "users like websites, Google loves it.". In the search engine, but also more consider the mode of user behavior, it is understood that search in accordance with the user’s click rate and stay time on the site, as well as browsing the page, affecting search rankings of the site.