first noted that it was my personal experience, in pain….

just contact this website, registered a lot of domain name, such as and because at the time of registration of the too casual cause now why, too late for regrets, the question is, can not transfer, transfer station can not do better, but also No one shows any interest in pain again.

webmaster friends, whether you have encountered the same problem? Is it because not easy to stand make some contributions to sell, but because they can not transfer to wasted? Tell us the webmaster friends this thing, if you are seriously in the website, when you fill in the registration of the domain name, do not lazy oh! Here say that, in the graph king IDC registration is very convenient, the most important is the transfer of convenient ah, ha ha. (clap one’s ass)

here I want to give a suggestion of graph king, can have a mechanism, specifically to help those dead meters, and to sell the webmaster friends? Looking forward to graph king launch new projects for our grassroots Service ~! ~! Thanks

editor comments: Thank you for your advice, and at the same time, this article also give the majority of new Adsense registration domain name to mention.