, first of all, my website, 6465 HD movies, is a newly created movie site.

my domain name 6465 HD video, watch this. You may feel good, to build the movie wasted but I want to say is what you build station is built, good and bad, the good domain is only a secondary role.

tell me about my website. I bought it from a friend two years ago. I thought it was a good 6465. I bought it with a few thousand pieces. Of course, I thought it was worth it.

take this site to build the movie, a lot of people say waste but I don’t think so, and chose the movie because I stand a better understanding of the movies, have more experience, and popularity quickly, don’t stand in the construction of all the movies, Marx SOYICI systems are free of charge, everyone can collect a lot of data and then form a movie network, I am not my website any source all manually add, I will not wait for the rapid establishment of SEO included what, if BAIDU and GG don’t take you? I do is the user experience, I would like to have the same high IP BAIDU and GG can be included to bring traffic for me, otherwise I won’t write what the increased external links.

I made the movie station unlike others after collecting placed and included blind may do some people really can do good SEO IP but I’m not in the tens of thousands of tens of thousands, can only slowly to do, do quickly IP die too fast you regard him as your income by Baidu and GG K your income belongs to 0.

I have a little experience on the movie network, so tell us for sure, if you can do 10 thousand IP if a month income is 2000RMB, so I chose to do the movie station is because of this, as long as you stand back soon advertising less high rate of IP on the table.


6465 HD video IP is now the 2500-3000IP has just set up a week or so, there is little on my 6465 domain name easy to remember, there is a fast update, updated every day to keep back the nature, there are some users feel good you will help you propaganda, but want to to improve the IP main part is to look at the propaganda. I read a lot of articles in A5, what promotion what, old copy to copy, 10 9 not practical article, movie website propaganda method: I can only reveal where the source, specific methods of their own fumble it.

movie network publicity has the best effect in the TUDOU YOUKU 56 KU6 the video propaganda on the Internet, because there are a lot of movies here, since it is those who want to see the film, you can become the direct users, as to how to guide their own way to your website, video head and advertising is good, plus a lot of content or web site. Methods. There is BAIDU stick, but in the post bar propaganda is not >!