private assets into the medical market, the privatization of state-owned hospital hospital, on the one hand to a lot of advanced equipment and high-end medical service, on the other hand, the high medical costs, are increasingly intense competition, the only hurt consumers; they see as the latest liver disease therapy, anti fibrosis treatment technology of liver disease the hospital is introduced; look at the dazzling, winner in many hospital competition requires strong support for medical marketing.

"content is king, bidding for the emperor" has long been the highest online marketing standards in the medical profession. Below I introduce the medical article writing requirements, that is to say personal views and experience.

first medical soft writing to target groups, this article is to see who, they want to see what, urgent to understand what content; and to consider the ultimate purpose of this article, let patients after reading the article I will immediately want to consult, not ill people see will feel very to check the tension, which reached the purpose of marketing. How to achieve this effect, it is recommended that when you write, you have to position yourself as "a doctor with a very rich clinical experience" to examine the issue from a third party perspective.

second, the article soft writing to science based, the article try to whitening, to take into account the majority of consumers, medical knowledge is not rich, to ensure that everyone can understand this article.

third, article structure design and consulting oriented design


structure design is very important to separate the theme clear; don’t write the others read half do not want to look down on what to talk about to consult the appropriate position? Design consulting guide links, direct communication and online expert.

fourth, import a sense of crisis

here is for those who get sick but not to go to the hospital to see the crowd, they always wait too much, we introduced the disease, therapy, transmission, treatment, analysis after treatment, to introduce the direct consequences of long-term treatment due to liver disease, such as liver cirrhosis, liver ascites, resulting in regarded as hopeless.

soft writing forms, such as story, experts answer patterns, media reports form, data table form, according to event marketing mode; no matter what kind of mode as long as the acme is a good method.

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