takeaway "subsidy wars" set fire to the circle of friends, but also so that the original is "asset light" model of the software industry has become a "takeaway assets" – massive burn, self distribution system, and even to participate in the social integration of the distribution team, it has far exceeded the capacity of a software company. Compared with competitors, "hungry" is involved in a "load game", U.S. stage did not intend to participate in the self distribution, and hungry act in a diametrically opposite way, the intention is to better throw off opponents.

This print journalist Zou Ling

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take the air outlet takeaway APP field, will be born next "drops" or "fast"? It is possible, because the takeaway is or is about to usher in several giants, and hungry, is one of them.

although hundreds of American takeaway, Baidu take away, Amoy spot, home food, etc., hundreds of new and old Internet takeaway platform. But there is still triumph in the pack of hungry, temporarily lead the "hungry" and followed by "U.S.", close combat fought inextricably involved at the same time, there are rumors and frequently heard.

"this rumor, can only say that the industry inside of the hungry development of some panic, hungry founder and CEO Zhang Xuhao believes that hungry in the future, will build on its transformation of the industrial chain, and the degree of realization. Zhang Xuhao insisted that "hungry" is a dream, this dream can not be realized through mergers and acquisitions or prostitution, hungry the next goal is to ring the bell, as for the time? Zhang Xuhao said to be the fastest in 2018.

hungry never regard themselves as a "pure Internet Co" in an "China entrepreneur" interview, Zhang Xuhao said, "hungry" or even to himself as a "food company", but this is similar to the Alibaba "Taobao restaurant".

"we’ve never been a takeaway company, and the company’s goal is to link all the food needs.". Standardize the process of trading circulation. And in this process, innovation is particularly critical." Zhang Xuhao said, "more and more Internet Co and mutual cooperation in order to make O2O, this year the company began to cooperate with the Jingdong and the courier company, also in the upstream supply chain cooperation actively and distribution of the restaurant, and even does not rule out future cooperation object of financial institutions." Zhang Xuhao at the financing conference this year, the media said.

, like the early Silicon Valley start-ups, was hungry, a company founded by Zhang Xuhao and several classmates at the campus of Shanghai Jiaotong University in 2009. Initially in order to solve their evening snack demand became the famous takeaway ordering website.

found that unable to take into account after school, Zhang Xuhao chose to drop out, but does not avoid relying on Shanghai Jiaotong University resources and aura, hungry for the campus outside the road?. Under the name of Shanghai Jiaotong University Students