first station, is a station comprehensive high school in our county, the last stand, but at the end of last year, do stand eight years, up to now, it is regret, there are a lot of stations are promising, but because there is no stick and I believe there are a lot of people The whole army was wiped out., with I like to do the station a few years, investment, less income, waste a lot of time and energy, is the vast majority of individual owners have no future in a waste of life?

in the Internet era, the creation of a group of people, a group of people dependent on the network, compared to the complicated reality, they are more willing to put their dreams on the Internet, so do stand, open shop, in fact, do Wangzhuan, these things are basically a kind of person, if you have well, if you have a good team, then this is the article for you is not very useful, because I am a not what technology, but also have some understanding, not good at communication, not good at flattery, love the Internet, eager to SOHU life after 80, if you like me, just watch it I really hope that is useful to everybody. Since 2009, the Internet policy suddenly more severe, individual owners living space more and more small, more and more rights are ignored, so until 2010, now, there are still many stations closed slowly, and even some Internet heavyweights also claimed that the golden age is about to pass the Internet personal webmaster, personal webmaster spring really over?

I had twenty big and small a few stations, not a success, twenty in several cases is probably my biggest harvest for eight years, more than 20 failed at least let me less than the others in a frenzy, more of a calm. If say before 2009 do station need to insist, so after 2010, grassroots Adsense needs is more accurate choice + stick to. At the end of last year I sold seven large size eight station, because I found that as a technology is not very good. I need to solve many problems, every space, website program, website, every turn to others is my homely food, time-consuming and expensive. I sold the site to join a national decoration website, agent of outfit of Zhengzhou Railway Station, after nearly a year of testing, that my choice is correct.

my view is: Grassroots webmaster work hard, as seriously acting industry category, regional commercial profit website. 58 city now has done a lot, you know that each agent City 58 city a year how much? Grassroots webmaster skill and patience is limited, a website from the establishment to improve the program, to promote the profitability, but also consider the bigger of the server, network security and other issues, these problems basically some of the grassroots webmaster will not consider, just imagine yourself after bigger, make the country station, tens of millions of revenue a year. In fact, really want to put into the network of people, there must be a mentality of him as a career, rather than daily fantasy, I dream of eight years, is still nothing, I really don’t want someone like me, waste time looking for business opportunities, do every day, "