I used to contact a lot of new webmaster, they all included Baidu as their website is accepted by the Internet a basis. Of course, that doesn’t make sense. As everyone knows, Baidu in the Chinese users penetration rate is very high, as Google in the United States is the most popular, so as a China webmaster, refer to Baidu is not completely wrong! The practice also proved that, indeed most owners are from the Baidu IP to the. But Baidu to new sites included is not particularly fast, this is to make many webmaster, especially just entered the ranks of the head of a headache. I believe before tracking search engine included the webmaster all know, sometimes Google and YAHOO are included, but Baidu is still no movement, the webmaster only one day to submit to Baidu, Baidu mail. As a result, Baidu to all Adsense reply mail content is the same, should not you included or not to you included?. Many webmaster can only wait patiently every day.

search engine for the daily collection, who has a data? If you do not have, of course, you can only wait patiently in the suffering waiting. If you have data, you can see clearly that Baidu is a symptom of an update. For everyone to announce the website two included data, let you know in advance whether Baidu will give your website update included



This is the

changes before and after the two time Baidu update! We can clearly see from the data, if you want to update Baidu included, positive links will not change, but the reverse link will fluctuate. As long as the move shows that Baidu began to pay attention to your site, regardless of size, not three days, absolutely updated you site, take a snapshot!


know? Oh! Maybe I’m not quite right, but from the above data, there are indeed some truth! I don’t know how to explain, but the data will be able to explain everything to you! These words are just to just join the small webmaster, if there is some help for their station oh, no thank you for me, as long as you don’t scold me!

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