We often say

, to look at others’ successful experience, so that we can avoid detours, more close to success; look at others’ growth story, can give us some inspiration, let us do better. A5 Thursday version, in the future several activities, will continue to invite excellent personal webmaster to share his Internet experience, hoping to give some enlightenment to the webmaster.

July 29th, Admin5 version of the chat activity every Thursday invited Lu Songsong to share his years of Internet experience and share stories, blog operation, network marketing experience, Lou loose blog www.lusongsong.com, you can also go to his blog interaction. This order exceeded some of the information, welcome to discuss.

asked 1.: Hello Lu Songsong, what is your personal blog open mind, do a personal blog 2. blog what harvest? What aspects should be paid attention to when adding content? How to retain 3. personal blog visitors? 4. personal blog is how to do the promotion? 5.

personal blog how to profit?Answer:

1: I am a website, no blog isn’t OUT? Another reason is to find a job, but I am a website, even if your web site are not excluded? Is the blog’s feeling, less spare time, too tired. In the house, at the cinema, play games. 2: the best original, write the article, first of all in order to sum up their own, lack of reflection. 3: you treat him well, he will be good to you. 4: push blog or promotion blogger, first clear, in this regard, before my blog has collated "my website promotion methods and means", you can go to see. 5: and small websites similar, not too good model, do a few advertising League, pull a few ads, so.

: Hello, Lou Lu. How long has your blog been launched since 09 years ago? How about the current traffic and the number of users? Can this blog revenue be disclosed?

answer: traffic in 2000-3000 or so, the background registered users on three people, and the rest are visitors. The income was 2246.48 yuan last month.

"How did you promote your blog?"

asked. "Look at your blog." you visited 15000 blogs and left your footprints. Is that true? How did you keep it up,


answer: the main means is to comment on the promotion, which is about 15000 estimates only. In the early stage, I insisted on passion and ideas, and later on money.

: how much time did you spend on other independent blogs every day during your initial promotion? How long did you stay?

replied: "I spent 2-3 hours every day commenting.". Hold on for about 4-5 months.

asked: 1, remember that the old Lu Lu’s blog is a combination of graphics and text to show the blog, and recently not, when will re write the text?