Vol.2 black and white, the opposite of yin and yang fish,

said yesterday, today to write about technology and taboo, black and white.

write technical requirements and taboos first.

now the small station, almost all of them do garbage site origin, here little finger is young, not XX small, but small scale. People who are used to garbage sites have a bad habit. In order to grab short-term traffic, they can ignore the exclusion of search engines. I’m sorry to say that last year I wrote several sets of junk program is spread out, at least to the staff of the baidu created 2 big trouble for a long time, the search engine algorithm changes, but now there are people in the breaking process of me. Because of my application with dirty leak, I now wished that program is spare none……

is partial and back to business. Yesterday, the content of the positioning, it should be a game station. Game station in order to attract traffic, malicious point is bug and plug-in, a good point is to explain some of the specific terms. Warcraft game player is especially good at using special terms, SW, BT, GLR, a string of a string of abbreviations that couples can Yunshanwuzhao, this time around half of the people will ask and be laughed at white, the other half of the people will open the search engine. This acronym should be regarded as a long tail keyword, search engines like it very much.

I found a lot of hanging horse is SEO master, I now search out the acronym zhidao.baidu.com domain name, did not dare, a pile of a pile of Trojan horse…… Give everyone a little experience, look at the contents before URL, directory level is relatively deep, it is best not to point; there are URL? HTM finally get a false suffix, it is best not to point; URL inside the directory hierarchy. The wrong name, this directory never point.

and pianti……

in fact, the content of the website does not require high technology. China is a magical country, and copyright is basically non-existent…… Having said that, I think that’s enough. Understand the friends themselves smile, do not understand the friends of their own pondering it.

taboo is very simple, China does not allow, do not engage in games, beauty like the edge of the ball carefully, malicious search engine optimization…… Here’s a chat.

OK, let’s start with the black and white.

1 SEO black hat and white hat seo

, I’ve done 1 crap for the content of the garbage program, 1, a total of more than 100 pages, on the first day of on-line, grab the "Baidu" number "the first page of the word", for one day, blocked. The content is all Baidu knows, the page does not have any beautification, everybody can do according to the most dirty that kind of appearance to think. Got banned. Serve it.

keyword density is the standard to test search engine operations