meet with customers for the first time. The occasion of the departure, the customer raised two requirements, the first requirement: micro-blog how many, I add you; the second requirements: add a friend WeChat. Now, the left hand micro-blog, right hand WeChat has become a lot of people’s normal.

Intuitive feeling,

asked customers to use the two answer: micro-blog news, WeChat is the main media value; see friends, is the main social value. Seemingly simple answer is also a consensus of many people.

here we want to focus on the micro-blog media properties of this powerful tool. When we saw the rapid growth at the same time, also remembering once the originator of the "micro-blog Chinese leader — Fanfou", although the pioneer after a brief turn into glorious martyrs, but there are a lot of inevitable, and this is decreed by fate, is doomed to hit the chemical reaction, and time under the comprehensive action.

human elements: rice no less social taste

enterprises are made up of people. The founder’s personality and style often give the whole enterprise a distinct brand, the development of enterprises into the DNA, the DNA may determine the ultimate fate of the enterprise.

first, the founder of the network is not a fan of rice is a serial entrepreneur, from school, no food to the United States mission, he is the C2C (copy to China) king. From this point of view, he is a man of great curiosity. This is not simply a matter of interest, but is full of curiosity and wide field of unknown freshness. So, when a road impassability, he may no longer struggle to overcome the obstacles or make up for their deficiencies, do everything possible to solve the problem, break through barriers, and the most likely to choose another way for a road walk. This is when the school meal, encountered difficulties, Wang chose to quit for another reason in his way, because he has never had a lack of new models and new opportunities, and this is precisely from the curiosity.

secondly, Wang Xing is a technical CEO. CEO technology is more valued products and technologies, of course, will be more emphasis on user experience. They care about and deal with the computer to do the exchange, but when it comes to dealing with products beyond the level of communication, such as how to deal with the government, and how to deal with the crisis public relations, how to understand the social needs rather than the needs of products, Wang Xing’s character is a yoke. When the rice is not facing the problem of technology, this problem is insurmountable gap.

elements: the essence of the media rather than the network

said the matter elements, we can from a simple event clearly out of shape.

in July 5, 2009, there was a serious vandalism burning incident, Xinjiang soon, telephone communication interruption, folk singer Hong Qi and Urumqi Home >