here to discuss with you, how to retain our users, the purpose of your site is what? Show the user what he wants, and if you don’t, do you think he’ll come again? So this is a problem that all construction sites, teams, or individuals have to face.

then there is not how good, believe that everyone has a little, but I feel it wants to retain users, we have to take a turn of thought and time, not just to do a website to hang up on OK, although it may just start someone to care about your website, but you pay or not a reasonable method for the site management, these guests in more and more distant from us. Letting others be easy, keeping them is a real problem, just like our website: Global second-hand electromechanical. A dedicated to provide you with information service network platform, but to retain them we must spend a painstaking effort, fortunately we strive to retain customers, and the number of guests more and more, they often go back and release the need to find the information, but what is keeping them?

, this is what I want to share with you, as well as the ways and tricks that you want to know to retain your own users. I summed up, there are 10 main aspects:

1. beautiful face,

undeniable, this is very important, especially the front page of our website, and each sub column or sub station of the home page. If the user entered, see page layout confusion, color collocation is not reasonable, or full screen ads or Flash fly, you get a headache is not eye eye pain, this is what we need to remember, but also not to say what did not mean a pretty face can not be too rigid, what did not is not enough, the key is to grasp what degree.

2. full and updated information

, it’s easy to understand that we don’t like 3 or 5 days or even longer to see things that haven’t changed at all, and if so, he really doesn’t need to come second times.


3. page is valuable,

our users he would often come to find what he wanted, if you can not give him timely, rich, need information or services, then why did he need to spend any more time on your site.

4. good program and station navigation

have to say is now a lot of the open web site is a slow, others time tens of seconds or a few minutes, who will go to the other, the habit of people will take the initiative to turn off the current page to find the next he needs information, another is not clear or within the navigation station no, others do not know you want to see, he is willing to leave


5 website interactivity


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