many people have the urge to do web sites, but they are often in private, with friends or on the Internet in full swing, passionate discussion, and rarely put into action. Dream high is important, but down-to-earth planning and action is more critical. There are so many great people, but the ones who really do things on the ground say little.

remember when a small family has relatives in the Internet to engage in this line, I heard it was NB at that time, though still small, but my heart has been secretly determined later also engaged in this, but also to do better than others.

first issued adorable do stand this concept, in fact, thanks to Li Xiang, just after watching his experiences more firmly the direction I saw him to give up the college entrance examination, abandoned the University, really admire his courage and courage, and achieved great success. I agree with him, but I don’t have his courage. I can’t do it like that.

in order to leave a way for myself later, I have no choice but to take part in the college entrance examination and enter the university.

really started learning to do station is probably the big one time, at that time the QQ chat accidentally found in a junior high school students in BBS, feels good to do, there are 1000+ posts in the forum more or less, he also has a team of their own, can be said that when do have a bit of scale also, aroused my interest, for a free BBS space, there was no concept of CMS, then I thought the site is a HTML page form, the understanding of what the background, it seems the idea is really very naive, but just for a free BBS, the corn is really scary, Khan did not give even a space, only a background login address, and the background of the code is not good at the level of modification, even good modifications also cannot read, all in the paste Confused their own posts, looking forward to the amount of IP go up early.

so day by day Ctrl+c Ctrl+v send a post, it’s really hard, long time no power, a little want to give up, and do not know what direction to develop, very confused, very confused. For a time I increasingly feel so have no confidence, the post is not the answer, not really can’t do anything, I decided to learn real skills quite down to. Sometimes the search engine is really a good thing, when you encounter any difficulties, open the web page, Baidu know. I began to search the Internet for some experienced friends articles, watching the master of the site experience, really impressive. Looking at them a different and exciting article, let me more excited, and want to have their own web site, at that time really envy those webmaster. Some of the information in their article, I know the outdated, and webmaster forum, is pleased to have become one of them. At the same time, I’m also looking for some knowledge I need to create a website. I started with HTML, from the bottom line