trading in the A5 site trading plate, often encounter some of the novice buyers, when buying web sites, eat not sure how to buy the site in the end, stable, and there is no value. In view of this situation, today "meteor" to share 3 minutes, quickly use love station tools to query a web site of the general situation.

first statement: using tools to query, after all, only tools, can only reflect the basic situation of the site, the specific analysis of the site statistics.

love station check, the main 3 places, you can probably understand the basic situation of the site:

1, integrated query


as above, enter you want to query the web site, in the query results, focus on the domain name, age, Baidu weight and PR, the site is expected Baidu antecedents, included in the situation and the chain.

domain name, the longer the age, the better, of course, do not rule out the webmaster to use the old domain name to do new station, or AdSense for new domain name, this also ask the webmaster.

Baidu weight and PR, of course, the higher the weight, the more valuable the site, here should pay attention to combining site keywords to determine whether the weight is true.

look at the site is expected to Baidu antecedents, combined with the webmaster to the total flow of the site, you can determine the flow of the site antecedents.

web site should also pay attention to the collection, the more the better, it is best to see the last 3 months included changes, stability or growth is the best, if the downward trend, it should pay attention to.

website chain and reverse links, the more the better.

2, Baidu ranked


look at the site’s Baidu rankings, focusing on the number and quality of keywords on the site.

I love to stand more better, more keywords search volume ranked first, the better the quality of the website.

also depends on whether the keyword is related to the topic of the website, and some websites can make some irrelevant keywords in order to increase the website traffic, so that the value of the website is not so high.

3, historical data


see the history of the site, to see the change of

at least 3 months or more of the flow, key words and love stand the weight of Baidu

if the site traffic, the number of keywords, and the weight can be maintained for 3 months, little change, indicating the site recently was fairly stable, after the buy, as long as the change is not big, the stability of the website will not change, do not have to worry about not long after the buy down right.

if the above situation on the website is on the increase, it shows that the website is developing well and the investment is good