in Baidu input "comment type promotion", can search to many, many about the comment is promotion article, some people support, some people do not support. I believe you must remember that the founder of the review is Lu Songsong. For those who support "comment type promotion", should belong to the new Adsense group, those who do not support "comment type promotion" should belong to the success of the webmaster. Why does someone support or oppose it? It is necessary to analyze carefully the advantages and disadvantages of "criticism promotion". On the Internet, how to use criticism style to promote success? How to do the comment promotion,


now most of the new owners are walking in the same way as Lu Songsong, that is, through reviews, visit each other to bring traffic IP. This pattern is very good, but with a large number of follow up visits, friendship type originally gradually become utilitarian and mechanization, in my personal opinion, independent bloggers are mostly in a fickle state, both want to bring traffic for themselves in a very short period of time through the comment on the promotion, but don’t want to spend too much time in this area, so they took to each other’s blog, such as: "I come, just trample, fill a footprint, simple words" welcome visit and so on, and then waiting for the other side to their website stepped back. For those successful webmaster, these should be regarded as spam messages, after all, they already have their own fixed groups of visitors, and every day there will be a new group of visitors born. But for those that just opened their own website webmaster, they like a piece of white paper, no technology, style, and friends on the Internet, they can only through this simple message without any depth for return a message to others, so you left me what kind of words, I also about to leave you what kind of words, so the Internet has created a lot of no value.

established themselves on the Internet, it should be judged according to their type of blog, if you are the technology blog, then you have to do is find the same technology blog exchange Links, visit their blog, leave your constructive comments, the only way is to respect the results of the work of others, in the course of time, you will build your own blog technology groups in this circle, may also be fixed in your group, through these fixed groups and will create new groups, after all, the Internet every day there are thousands of tens of thousands of new born. If you are SEO type of blog, then you need to find your own blog corresponding to the webmaster visit, do friends chain, message comments, the other I won’t say more.

for "comment type promotion", we must do "Relaxation" degree. Now many people comment on the promotion is negative, because this is not a good grasp of, they are too utilitarian, watching the students every day in hundreds of blog leaverubbish11 comments, I’m tired for them. Of course, the software will not be mentioned, they are better than self