earlier registration of a new QQ domain name, in order to achieve the purpose of Baidu quickly included, using the form of a blog to open the station, to be included in the Baidu after revision of ideas. Because this method has been used before, the effect is quite good,

should be said that this is a very good method, but now it seems that there may be some changes, I still stand a snapshot of the time for the October 28th, release the article included time is very normal, you may say that is new, not what the chain, but in fact in the Baidu collection after me not to lower the speed of the chain, the chain quality is good, it seems obvious by Baidu into the sandbox, for what reason I do not quite understand, personal estimate: Baidu to just stand in terms of revision is extremely offensive, if happened to be revised for the QQ station, the movie station, that is could you stand on Baidu will pay special attention to, intends to reduce your weight, observe for a long period of time, to give back. Of course, this is just my personal guess.

but I still hope that everyone in the Baidu included on careful, best not included immediately after the revision, of course, if you start with a perfect site in front of the Baidu spider that is best of course by www.qqyou.org feeds.