for the grassroots, to operate a website is more and more difficult, and this factor is the greatest difficulty from the fierce competition, according to the latest data from the Internet Information Center statistics, the number of domestic websites has reached nearly three million, while in the last year, the data reached about four million, this is because the intense the competition in the last year fell by 40%, thus the competition degree of website operation, but experts said the Internet confidence last year was the first decline, the number of sites, but up to now, changes in the number of net station data is basically the same as the new and reduced


appeared in the last site closures, and this year’s website growth potential is still weak, the reason of the outside competition led to the collapse of the Internet bubble, if others do not get out of the road, will be buried under the fierce competition! In the closure of the last site, there are more than 80% of the site is the operation of the grassroots, so many people assert that grassroots website era has ended, the future belongs to the enterprise website or website team of the world! I have a different point of view, although there is no way to the grassroots and large website competition, but its flexible characteristics, let the grass roots have hit the capital, taking the difference of the road is the trend of grassroots webmaster site operators

the future!So

is not as long as the grassroots webmaster can avoid large websites and positive to the touch, take the difference of the road will be able to succeed? In fact this is just the premise, executive force is the key to success! Site operation and maintenance the whole process is very simple, it is simple really can test the webmaster of execution


1: simply do it again, and that’s not easy,

this sentence is the president of Haier once said, indeed, many people can only sweep the floor a day for two days to keep clean, but one can for decades as one day to sweep the floor, it is not easy, but this is not a simple behind, undoubtedly there is a huge execution he dominates! Is also true for the website maintenance, website for decades as one day, one day you will find that your website has been in the lights, has to be


but now how many grassroots webmaster can do this? From the statistical data of the Chinese Academy of social sciences will be able to see the impetuous grassroots webmaster, in the last year, the closure of the site, the site operation in less than a year more than 30% of the old site, basically there is no visible collapse, impetuous the head of the grassroots is serious, adhere to a year are very difficult to do, how about a few decades


two: repeatedly do things constantly optimized, improve efficiency,

Practice makes perfect. this idiom story we are able to know, that is a oil peddler can do not leak a drop of export import container through the coin story, oil peddler through repeated days and months multiplying to do the same thing, his "