as the saying goes, "without words without standing, nothing without fame.". The party and government organs, enterprises and institutions of the "mountain of the sea" and the phenomenon of all kinds of graduation thesis, recruitment competition, provides a broad market for the survival and development of the website of secretary. Before the secretarial work is "cut and paste", excerpt from newspapers and magazines; with the rise of the Internet, gradually evolved into a "copy and paste", directly from the various sites on the COPY. Smart point of the old secret will do processing, like we now write soft text, pay attention to "pseudo original", lazy point directly take "bring doctrine"".

, there is demand, there will be market. Zeng yuan, a group of secretarial websites founded earlier, relied on team originality and contributions from netizens to achieve a healthy development and sound profit. With the rapid development of network technology, construction cost and technical requirements declined sharply, plus widespread construction of government websites and newspapers and magazines website, the collection more easily. The website also like bamboo shoots after a spring rain as secretary of tens of thousands of out. Especially Baidu library and other online interactive document sharing platform of the rise, users through search engines to get the goal of the article more and more easy, basically no need to go to secretarial website contributions. In addition to a small number of super large integrated sites and professional segmentation sites still receive membership fees, the vast majority of secretarial websites have been opened free of charge. At present, the main source of income of the website is the Secretary Valley and Baidu brother advertising alliance is divided into income, ways to improve website traffic, increase advertising popups, lure users click, is the site of choice for survival. In recent years, secretarial website articles are mainly based on bulk collection, originality is low, users experience is poor, and websites have entered the era of meager profit.

has a way out of the right. Library with its great technology, brand, interactive and experience advantages, quickly seized the vast majority of secretarial website market. Facing the pressure of survival, it is a wise move for the secretarial website to follow the strategy of specialization, differentiation strategy and speed up the overall transformation. The author believes that there are several types of secretarial sites still great for profit prospects. One is examination website. Open recruitment of civil servants, public selection of leading cadres, public institutions to recruit students has become a major trend. Provide relevant simulation questions, current events, examination guides, expert guidance and other columns will be popular. Two is a professional website. Better the essence than the impurity. The law, philosophy, Sinology, economics, politics, management, leadership and other aspects of research to do fine, deep and meticulous, and enhance originality, or will attract a large number of loyal users. Three is value-added services category website. Better teach him to fish than to teach him to fish. On the one hand, continue to provide some excellent model essay, on the other hand, through video lectures, training, publishing, guidance books and other channels, to promote the user’s writing level improved. It can also provide such services as replacing papers, publishing articles and so on, and the market should be relatively wide. Interested owners can try.

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