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first clarifies the comments in the last article about several friends.


based attacks introduced in the last part of the AJAX have been questioned by many, such as not being able to cross the domain and alleviate the burden. Ajax GET is a simple and POST data transmission, using HTTPDEBUGGER, grab the data, then the way, write a sample attack code. Compared with the traditional webform, we can easily construct some, is the same for the treatment and the process of webform and Ajax Ajax, the amount of data is relatively small, speed also some fast.

, combining SharpPcap and HttpWebRequest, we construct a reasonable, normal IP packet. In the past, the code was very long, and we used pseudo code to express it simply.

request.CreateUrl (Ajax processing page);

request.Method= "GetORPost";


request.refere=" web source;

SharpPcap.SetLinkConnection (forged IP address);

String = request.GetResponseStream (content) as a multithreaded application on the other side of the WEB batch the words (if it is DEDECMS), enough to destroy the

Dedecms database

text to the subject:

for the last time the book mentioned in order to solve the problem of A, we first explain the layout scheme of ADSL telecom. There is no VISIO on the machine. I simply describe the process in words.

Adsl Aè user name password; è remote connection to the account database (in Tianjin) è account billing database connection database and return è if successful, connect to the PPPOE server, and further connected to the billing database è authentication service and connection.

there is no what special place, but the QQ communication service is the same, is the use of a unified user authentication server, at the same time for the user authentication information database is read-only, from which we can think of what


above is a simple example. Let’s start with specific architectural strategies. First of all, for the questions mentioned in the previous section, A, let’s take user database as an example to explain and first