now mainstream large-scale integrated website level is not poor, how to let small Adsense have a foothold? I put forward some suggestions about building special website in Lanzhou SEO.

special website can attract a large number of visitors because of its clear theme and detailed content. Therefore, we should fully prepare for site planning.

site planning for a web site, its importance is like building a foundation, there is no good foundation, it is difficult to build skyscrapers. Site planning is divided into the following steps:

1, clear the purpose of building. This is related to the following information collection, column planning and website style determination.

2 for user survey. The establishment of the audience characteristics (age, sex ratio, surfing habits, hobbies, consumer psychology, etc.) to understand the groups most get what you want from the website? What do you need? The site can provide what information


3 material collection. The theme of the special website is single and clear, so the materials surrounding the topic must be collected abundantly and accurately to meet the needs of the visiting group.

4 column planning. According to which columns to set up, how to set up two columns and the following sub column, determine the specific content, and write column planning book. Column planning book should include the following contents:

1) an overview of the column: this part serves as an index. Including column positioning, column purpose, service object, sub column settings, home page content, paging content.

2) column details: take the specific circumstances of each sub section of the description, including the names of the sub sections and sub sections, service object, content, method, data sources, unsolved problems, key tips and suggestions.

3) related column: to illustrate the combination and communication between this column and other columns, the main purpose is to strengthen the integrity of the website through the link between the various columns.

4) reference site: indicate which column or reference can be referred to, which shows the merits of the reference site and what we should pay attention to during the construction process.

5) appendix: historical changes and modifications to document this document.

5 determines the style of your website. The purpose of setting up a special website is to attract people interested in this topic to browse, so it must conform to its own theme and visitors’ taste. For example, a female supplies theme website should choose warm fashion design style, and education on Party members’advancement website in the style of choice should give people a sense of awe-inspiring righteousness.

Author: Twenty-one @ Lanzhou website optimization