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annual second-hand car from November years ago, slowly into the peak season, to March second, second-hand car sales peak period, second-hand car sales also gradually into the off-season. In April, the price of used cars was down as the price of new cars and the gentle state of the whole used car market. New car prices tend to result in lower prices for the same class models and used models.

development status of used car industry

1) statistical analysis of transaction data in recent years

since 2007, China’s new car sales rise, sales ratio close to 1:1, the information can be seen in the table, since 2009, the automobile market trading volume showed a blowout situation, from 2007 to the end of 2010, car sales growth rates of up to 105.6% and 105.4%; the development of the market to mature. On the other hand, the second-hand car market transaction volume also increases year by year, from 2007 to 2010, the second-hand car trade volume growth rate is close to 50%, the turnover growth rate is 62.8%. On the current statistical data, the development of China’s second-hand car sales market is slow, with new car sales ratio is kept between 1:3 to 1:5, compared with the developed countries car experience, second-hand car market trading volume, has formed the scale effect. Germany, Japan, the United States and other countries, second-hand car trading volume is far more than the new car trading volume, generally higher than the new car more than 1 times.

according to incomplete statistics, the annual sales of used cars in Japan have exceeded their new car sales for many years. The annual sales of used cars in Germany and the United States are 2 times and 2.5 times that of new cars, and 3.5 times in britain. Relevant information shows that the mature car market in the west, the average cycle of car scrapping for 8-12 years, while the average cycle of car renewal for 4 years, it can be seen that the second-hand car market has considerable space. Compared to the foreign second-hand car market, the domestic has just started, but the momentum is very fierce, and the prospects can not be underestimated.

2007-2013 years of China’s auto production and sales list

year 2007200820092010201120122013

new car

output (10000 tons) 888.24934.511379.11826.41841.91927.22211.7

output growth rate 22.02%5.21%48.00%32.44%0.8%4.6%14.8%

sales volume (10000 tons) 879.15938.051364.41806.11850.51930.62200

sales growth rate of 21.84%6.70%46.00%32.37%2.5%4.3%13.9%