In order to e-commerce talents training and skill appraisal work into standardized track, the Ministry of labor and social security developed and issued a "national occupation standard electronic commerce (Trial)", the comprehensive training assessment platform also organize relevant agencies and experts to develop a set of comprehensive occupation training set teaching platform, software, laboratory the special examination system as a whole, all the exams all operating in the management introduced the licensing management mode of training institutions to identify, in order to ensure the overall quality of e-commerce training identification.

the occupation has been in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Jiangxi and other provinces of the pilot assessment.

the occupation consists of four grades, respectively: Electronic Commerce member (national occupation qualification level Four), e-commerce division assistant (national occupation qualification level three), electronic commerce (national occupation qualification level two) and senior e-commerce division (national occupation qualification level).

The use of

reporting conditions

1 application object: to engage in or engaged in this occupation personnel.

2 reporting conditions:

– Electronic Commerce member (with one of the following conditions)

– Assistant e-commerce division (with one of the following conditions)

– e-commerce division (with one of the following conditions)