VC station less than half a year, the main station leson has been diligent update. When I checked PR yesterday, I found that was already 2, and this was Google’s approval for vc.

, let’s continue to look at other cases of venture capitalists:

Baidu search, venture capitalists have never been recorded to check now as long as the "venture capitalist" keyword, forum address ranked first (, website ranking second, Baidu firmly occupy the first second pages. Forum address ranking the first reason is mainly outside the chain to sub directory based. The home page was created later. However, Baidu included pages somewhat poor, only 3730 articles. Personal judgment, the main reason is that many sites to modify the URL link, the first is the static page of HTML, but the static page in SS there are several fatal points, slow to update, the picture does not show, then only the dynamic page to access. But the dynamic page access speed is slow, the original space is unstable, so that the shortcomings can only wait for the change of space, and the latest version of SS, there is a better way to deal with it.

Google is relatively friendly, contains 24500 pages, but the key of venture capitalists are ranked third, Google of the large weight is much higher, so Sina with 360 feeds such a large site weight. In fact, VC site has been slow to come up, the original second or the bottom of the first page, because watercress and other sites are ranked above. However, Google attaches great importance to the content of the page, the more abundant, more conducive to readers to read, then Google included soon, and will continue to be included. This time PR can reach 2 at one stroke. It’s a recognition of VC sites.

also has a lot of room for optimization, but it suffers from the lack of better design and the technology of SS website. I’m also in touch with SS for the first time, but I know SS’s function is so powerful that it takes more research to develop VC services and is still in the process of observation.

is worth noting that, leson station master can write, his personal space included all his articles,, uid/2, since the opening of the website, in addition to posting, the station owner actually wrote 99 soft wen. A lot of stock sites are losing money people do, but this leson has higher visibility, and his ability to see. I have read his account, and I do have a certain profitability. A doer, a website, a high chance of success.

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