N in the webmaster circles for a long time, often hear some webmaster complain, because the title change (keywords), cause website ranking drop, to this point, I have deep feelings. What is not written today because of deep feeling, and thinking carefully, get some ideas, and summed up share.

this paper is divided into two parts, introduced in front of my personal experience, to remind the webmaster friends what the title is a minefield, for later change the title and leave behind the hidden foreshadowing. The main body of this paper, an analysis of why Baidu website title changes so sensitive.

two months ago, I had a quiz website, named " I ask ", the domain name is http://s.mywenwen.com, my I, Wenwen ask, mywenwen domain, named " I ask " logical, as unalterable principles, no ground for blame after the line on the website by Baidu. Included, because I am a quiz website, plus the name contains " ask, so in Baidu " " " ask; this keyword, I ranked second, of course, Soso Ask first, this also shows that Baidu is no ground for blame, boss. I think the ranking has been very stable, I am also very hard. But good times don’t last long for about a month and a half or so, in the.


, a person named TX legal department plus me, the number is 8888xxxx, the number is quite cattle B, he said he is Teng Xun legal department, I see this number, I was shocked, the other side may really be the Tencent Department of justice. He said directly that my website was infringing and was out of competition. I asked why, and he said, "


1. ask, is well-known brands, and are applying for trademark, I can not use them when they do "ask", and can not include " ask " the word "I ask" of course not;

2. my pages refer to what they do, infringing web copyright, this is because I’m a personal station without asking;

I was scared silly, well, you let me change I will change it, I put the title changed to " MyWenwen " results, trouble, Baidu update, I dropped to third, this time, Baidu update, I dropped to fourth; today search, halo dropped to fifth. I know I’m falling ranked reasons, because I was on my site title made big changes. Drop ranking, drop right is normal;

so here advise the webmaster, after do the station name, don’t do that kind of fight for different station name, once your station has improved, the trouble will naturally come up.

why is Baidu so sensitive to the site of the title change? This may be analyzed by some older people, but I’m here to talk about my own view