venture on the road to consider the site’s profit model, business, it is not difficult to profit, it is difficult to profit, small profit is not too difficult, it is difficult to large, large-scale earnings.

Internet companies, has been the subject of many realistic myths and stories of infection from a website established, is thinking about listing, earn a lot of money, so there is a lot of gold master invested support website, disdain to earn money, earn a lot of money to keep it now, and then listing quanqian, again in the future earn more money. Without a large investment of entrepreneurs, this scene was also fooled, in accordance with the first popularity, consider a profitable way to do a website, also expect to invest in, let their support to that day, make a lot of money, but only 3/10000 lucky, so few success stories based on full of bones, and sad thing, under the media hype, in the success story of incentive strength surrounded by another wave of entrepreneurs to be fooled, is a wonderful dream or not in danger.

rely on its own funds to invest, or wait for investors to invest, or need to solve the problem of profit model.

as a more sober minded team, we started to design their own profit model. However, like all truth, only personal experience only after we have a profound experience, although from the truth is very clear profit model of importance, but the importance of its recognition is still not profound enough, we design a profit model, it is only "design", it is feasible to realize the. What conditions can be, although we do some research, but did not take it as a beginning of a problem must be deep to clear, we still believe that there is a direction, in practice to explore, this way is feasible. Indeed, I am not completely excluded from this path, but its premise is that your resources, especially the capital, you can maintain your day to explore the profit model, in other words, you explore the profit model of time shorter than your money spent time.

06 years in November, our website on-line, 07 years in January began to do the next line of operation, in April and May we began to plan profit model, began to explore, we made a mistake, start from the advertising business. We have developed a platform for advertising, in the CBD of several pre developed office buildings, we run businesses, so that they free trial our advertising release. Indeed, the precise region (accurate to office) and the precise crowd (white-collar office) advertising model, has its own characteristics, but the ads rely on a large number of user traffic, though we can reduce our starting area, but even the training of an office users, the time required it is beyond our imagination, a person belonging to a web site, not a short duration of time form, even if the network is only a building. An office building, the office building to do a large number of users often log building. Net, not as we imagine one or two months will be able to achieve.