song, suddenly fleeting, university life has passed a year’s time, this is "webmaster" I am happy to let me worry about the special occupation with me through my first college life…..

as a 80, contact the Internet is still relatively late. The life of high school students with good learning, bored, tossing like me is not a good student type is desperate. The first young people who were exposed to computers were always confused, and the game became the only light in the emptiness of life. Think of his strength he had to play crazy, say a sad heart.

said that the university is a corner, into an ordinary university, coupled with the financial crisis in recent years, the uproar, life and career are confused. In order to get rid of the bondage of life, we can only find spiritual liberation in the virtual Internet life. But after all, virtual is virtual, and people are still facing the cruel reality. The day of the game, for the end is still the emptiness, I think this is the most common college students. Fortunately, however, I finally found a way to live my own life.

now, the Cangzhou forum has been building for more than a month. Although the results are not very satisfactory. But I firmly believe that the choice of their own and the owners of the road, as a rookie who does not understand the station, it can be such a result, really very happy for themselves. When I first started thinking about building a website, I always wanted to build a website related to college students. That students start hot cudgel thinking so there is to see students entrepreneurial idea website. Say, do, in the choice of domain name, it is a lot of brains, and finally identified the domain name for justice, "I want to win the struggle station."". This station in the painstaking efforts after a period of time because of various reasons failed. The specific experiences and lessons I will later in the paper to you meaning to.

‘s first site experience was a failure. But I’m still strong and have a plan to give up. Start planning your own second web sites. After careful study and pondering, now that the portal is popular, but also the future development trend of personal adsense. Thus began a massive march into the portal, the Cangzhou forum thus born. Select the domain name has also been thoughtful, but most of the domain name has been registered elders, finally decided to Cangzhou area code and phonetic form the domain name itself is satisfactory. Space or use the original struggle space, after all, he is a college student, not too many sources of income. Because the idea is to build a forum, so the program is DISCUZ7.0. After everything is ready, upload, modify, and a series of complex work.

finally built up the forum, but all the new webmaster faces the problem, where to find so many articles to fill the site?. Collection is fast >