The development of

in 2010 to enter the local forum, there are two good external thrust: one is the 19 floor, long lane, Yantai community and a number of local forum’s growing influence, the formation of agglomeration eye benchmarking; two is the Kang Sheng DIXCUZ X14 29 Beta version of the release, the product development into a threshold reduce. Copycat copycat 19 floor, long lane at all levels of city, county and even emerge in an endless stream. But scanty can really learn the essence of the 19 floor, long lane. The treasure network ( is one of the best, from 2006 started. The classification of information network, the treasure network has covered more than 70% Internet users in Nanchang, Nanchang has been the first life. One of the other local forums,, was launched online in early 2010, but has had a wide impact in Jiangsu, Xuzhou. The reason for this is that, like many new local forums, Peng’s network started even later. In 2010 May, with the first Xuzhou Young Fashion Festival and the first Pengcheng Master show hot held, truly said they propaganda "and the concentric jump!". Another reason is that there is a lot of competition outside Pengcheng, and there are many powerful local forums in Xuzhou. Among them, the Pengcheng community, which has entered the top 100 websites of Chinese websites, is the most popular.

you know, the Internet industry already from eyeball economy era of competition, business model into the era of competition, and some recent signs indicate that more and more rapid cloning of business model, the Internet has been competition from the competition in the business model gradually similar to the traditional industry value competition era. For example, between the American pattern of Groupon originated from the U.S. mission network, appeared overnight, tens of thousands of imitators, but the real success of the future will have several? What can come out of the group purchase website Wai? Facing the dilemma, is the local forum predicament.

can say, from the legendary experience of early Internet Success sites, has not learned much valuable experience. The early development of the Internet economy rely on the concept of speculation, by the opportunity of the era has passed, whether the NetEase, Tencent, Alibaba, from now on how review is too high to be reached. Should we turn our attention to traditional industries? The answer is yes. The Internet is coming back to normal business rules. The rule is to follow the law of user value and business value. A good idea can drive a website to make money. In the past, the sky won’t drop, and the Internet will not.

I understand that user value is the user’s needs. Or delineation of the scope of local forums, to make some superficial analysis. To meet the needs of users of the product development, based on the contents of lead, network integrated marketing, embodies the correct user value. Take the growth of the Peng guest net, for example, "vegetable basket buying" is a neglected for everyone