a few days ago to do a net loan has registered the domain name http://s.daikuanchina.com, then check the domain name history to find the meters in 05 years began doing stand! Just hang up to 06 years of history! Query domain address: http://s.archive.org/index.php the following is my domain name history query graph:

used to listen to some SEOER said a advantage of domain name is also very easy!! and if the domain name before the weight of the high, new sites also can get good rankings! So I’ll take this test to the


first site built and DNS after a good, I did not go to the propaganda! A few articles, just ignore! Did not expect the second day site Baidu, found that the station was collected again! The keyword search, also have a certain ranking! It seems that Baidu of old meters special care claims really is not false. I think this is the old meters apart, so quickly included, the most important is to do stand, the type is the same as before, the same type of site! So the weight or some reservations, can get the favor and trust


summed up:

, a registered 1 meters before the best check under their own history, history of the year and all kinds of information, to see there was no K! (this is not fine to say, we search on the net).

2, to know before the site is what type of Baidu! What can query to the traces left before! If you can do the best with the same type of site before m! This will give you great help in the early site SEO! If you just want to do this type of it congratulations


Oh ~ temporarily summarize these two! Just found that 05 meters years also prepare the matter! I was too lazy to prepare directly is easy ah!!!! so that a selected, not only do not have to worry about not included! And good


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