most of the owners are hoping to build the site near rapid promotion website ranking, improve website traffic because it feels the ranking, with the flow will have a business, in fact is not like this, although they have direct causal relationship, but it is not all that, through my years of summary, a feeling a website as long as there is a good brand, has a reputation, so ranking and traffic are natural, so we do before these must find a good reputation.

first I said before building up a reputation website for the work, I don’t know if you want to win the market through the brand, or the other way, here I say if you want to pass the word of mouth so how to design and optimize our website first, the most important thing falls on the website design, he is the site to get good rankings guarantee, but also traffic and brand building security, a good design can enhance our brand image, I took the network company as an example, the network company is doing network related business, so he website design must have a good degree of trust, so the main thing to show up, such as our business license, now has a 360 authentication.


he can easily show the company’s overall size and strength, but also see that the company is a business, and in 360 the browser can also be a good impression on the viewer, re design, our website must be professional, must open the top speed to give people a good feeling, it is important, after all our sites are full open, a little justified. Century style must be concise and easy, reflected the image of the company, can not open web pages, in the case, does not require much, must be fine, not too complicated structure, the basic design can be.

Besides the

website optimization, after all, we still have to get good rankings, the first is when we set up good brand, they search for the name of our company can be found, it is, so I suggest that the first station is the name of the company, my suggestion is called, because when we in the promotion of the brand the text, the more short and easy to remember, for example, for example, I was in Harbin the actual web design, then I will write the actual design or actual web design, "-" separated, then the business of our company is the first, the benefits of doing so can enhance the image, in the rankings when others can we find the first time to remember, if the name of the company in the end, many search engines do not show, when we have a business website Good rankings, you can not remember, so it is important to put, in one here, there is a point in the home page, coupled with Baidu share code


, this particular one I’ve seen recently, the benefits of this code are to a certain extent