speaking of mini blog, there may be a considerable part of Internet users do not know what it is, so rice whether or Tencent surging or in the help page inside the first is to explain what is what is the mini blog. If no meal: "what is the meal? No meal is a mini blog. Here, you can send messages anytime, anywhere, via cell phones, web pages, and MSN/GTalk/QQ, and watch friends all the time." "What is surging?" is an instant blog. "Here, you can chatter about anytime, anywhere, pay attention to your friends, and share your feelings anytime, anywhere."

introduced is simple, but also embody the "visible, many customers whenever and wherever possible, the blog is short and diverse strengths, as well as various published sources, the API plugin.

rice has provided three kinds of plug-ins: picture type, FLASH type, JavaScript type, surging has also been the three plug-in, but Tencent surging more detailed plugins, like pictures plug-in there are a lot of color style for users to choose, also reflects the value of the user is surging, and the number of days to active "thousand passengers" reflects the user identity, this point (ranking) rice is not done.

rice has published in the channel, it provides a lot of API, so any meal can be seen on many different published sources, while Tencent based on surging users, the majority of published way ", the second is the embodiment of the QQ robot.


above is compared with some two functions, actually Mini blog this emerging interactive community is not accepted by the public users, users may present as many elements as well as custom forum form for a long and minute statement, micro-blog provides only 120 word limit is very puzzling and disgusted, but not published audio and flash, can not see the graphic paste from elsewhere over, so the vast majority of users of this new thing is miles away, to chat QQ, QQ space to play, go to BBS.

seems to say a lot of nonsense, what is the status of the mini blog? What about the future? The reason why Fanfou and Tencent surging as a case, because micro-blog rice has long time, most of the accumulated experience, API and mature enough. And Teng Xun is what dare to try, because they have a huge user base, dare to try. If you do not eat rice and surging, rice may be better, the rice is not the user is really "share" spirit of the user, sharing is the most basic core of SNS. On the surface, a lot of users are on top of it, but the water is too deep for a bunch of little P kids to groan with boredom, because the real user base of micro-blog isn’t the small group of P kids. So micro-blog at this stage or in the initial trial stage, in China is not optimistic, so prospects, believe that eventually one day micro-blog can completely replace BBS, is not popular, but the trend, makes the interaction more convenient and quick, make sharing easier.