high yield, a month can toss out forty articles, now a month an article, and when too lazy to write. I think those behind many do fast blog has almost become a wilderness, a blogger for a long time do not update an article because bloggers not insist, now, this has nothing to do with a stick. Writing no longer does not mean doing nothing.

SEO, after all, is still that SEO, SEM is still the SEM, but for a long time immersed in network marketing activities, and found himself a kind of never regained consciousness. Now more and more not because Baidu has launched a what algorithm excited or sad; not because there are more and more blog was collected or published several articles and the like to touch the dog dog opinionated blog has not even; because the ranking and crazy narcissism, summed up a set of their own ranking system. As a matter of fact, we are only a dust in the net marketing. What have we got? In fact, we haven’t gained anything, because we haven’t lost anything at all.

no longer writes, does not mean not doing. Before a piece of code we can study for one or two hours; an article we can taste a few days to reprint a network tool to share; we can toss toss, we feel that we learned something, but found that the real implementation of it is the difference in the world. I like in the promotion process using the N online promotion channel, micro-blog, WeChat, SEO, SMS, email, auction and so on paid or free, with awesome activities, thought very accurate and effective, but that does not achieve the desired effect. Why? After careful consideration, I find that there is no problem in popularizing channels, and the problem is promotion itself. Do you know your promotion products? Clear the purpose of promotion you do? Do you know the audience? Do find the Internet and network marketing people fear most is the opinionated network promotion master, familiar with all kinds of promotion channels, but do not understand your product, audience and industry attributes.

, you’re just a salesman, and to be exact, online salesman, that’s what I’ve been positioning myself lately. Isn’t it? Think about what, what, what drainage PV conversion rate, these are just happen to you in the network promotion act, yes, you are engaged in network marketing, but the essence with the clerk about the bar. So, I also feel more and more pure network marketing people have great limitations, that is to put himself on the Internet in this circle, without paying attention to the line, disdain to understand what is "business". Far fetched to say that the Internet is retail, but also an advertising channel, we just send the newspaper, is engaged in logistics, is on the street leaflets.

stands firm. We certainly wouldn’t be Ma Yun, not Ma Huateng, not Robin Li. The greater value of Internet marketing is to help those small businesses that are on the line or have been carrying out network channels, but still in the initial stage, because the stage is open, transparent, and yes