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sixth class   advertising advanced articles (two)

(three) Traffic Generator!

Nomorehits is only a component of the machine, so that there must be at least 8 components, you create a huge flow of advertising machine to take shape. The next thing to do is more boring, repetitive work, but do not be afraid, because you have AI RoboForm. Please register the following website. All of the processes are similar to Nomorehits, and remember to fill in your Rotator URL at the EbizRotator address bar you want to advertise. Then save each site’s Startpage URL and Refer URl. Adhere to this step even if be accomplished!

FastFreeway HitEvolution SurfWake VirtualTrafficJam HitSnapper StartBlaze Web-Meld Nomorehits

all registered yet? The working principle of advertising machine is: startpage URL click on the website to view other people ", in exchange, will continue to have visitors to be sent to your Ebizrotator page, and you have to be the promotion of 5 website also turns people browse. Now you understand Ebizrotator’s magical effect? Because all of these targets have been sent to the exchange of Rotate URL, so if you want to change the promotion of the project, not to the 8 sites in order to change the direction to promote web site, but only need to Ebizrotator to change it once. And if you want to focus on the promotion of a project, the 5 options are pointing to this one becomes.

so smart users may ask questions: like this to my site every day in the Nomorehits was 1000 times, I would not like to look at the other 2000 pages!     the stationmaster tells you that if everything is done on your own, you still don’t understand the power of the network. For example, the Nomorehits supports 5 levels. If each layer of everyone to find 3 people to join, you will have a 3+9+27+81+243=363 line, 20 "assumes that each person on average every day, together is 7260", get 3630 points, then 3630 points, 10% as your reward, your page will get extra 363 times by browsing the opportunity. So, might as well take some time to develop the downline, because offline in the promotion of your site, you also get benefits. It may be difficult to start off the line, but once you take the first step, you want to stop