CMS system in 2007 has been relatively large changes, the concept of built-in channels have been basically eliminated, content model such a greater freedom of things come forward and grab everyone’s line of sight. Since it is a custom model, its customization and freedom should be very large, so with interest, I simply evaluate the content model functions of several major CMS systems in china.

this evaluation selects dynamic SiteFactory1.0, dedecms5.1, Empire 4.7 version, from the built-in model, add model, add field three aspects.

built-in model


easy to move SiteFactory built-in model



dedecms built-in model


Empire built-in model

number: from screenshots, we can see that these CMS systems are built with more frequently used built-in models, such as articles, pictures, downloads, etc., and the empire system has advantages in terms of quantity.

function: the basic functions include delete, increase, modify, copy and other functions, content model, information display aspects are very comprehensive. But since the SiteFactory node is able to support multiple models, the replication of the model is more comprehensive, and the dedecms and Empire columns support only one content model.

UI: This is easy to do and dedecms is good, from the interface and graphics have made some efforts, but dedecms uses more graphics instead of text, using more direct and friendly point. I think the empire system has to work harder on the interface.






move easy SiteFactory model, add interface


dedecms model adds interface



Empire CMS model adds interface

interface: add from the interface point of view, the imperial system model is added is the most tweaking, can only be added in the model based on the built model, and the model >