has been a week since the revision, and the site traffic is slowly recovering every day. But a little bit makes me feel very depressed. A few days ago, one of my website (www.y3web.com) Baidu included very normal, these days I collected from Baidu query gradually found, the site included in the overall slow down. Faced with this problem, I thought for a long time. There can be only one reason for thinking:

some time ago to the DEDE station system. At that time, in order not to affect the traffic, all the static pages of the old website were placed in the present space. One purpose is to not affect the site traffic, not to let the old customers lost. But since the original program was written in ASP, it’s written in PHP. These two can’t run on the same server at the same time, so all the static pages on the old site are not ideal when they are opened. It can be said that people look a little disgusted.

this period of time, found that Baidu and Google also included some of the new web site content, so put the old site of the original static pages of all deleted, and made 404 error page prompt. At this point, the site included is still normal, and there is no gradual reduction of any symptoms.

but since last week, the number of websites has been decreasing gradually, from more than 3800 to more than 2000 now. Thinking for a long time, I do not know why this is exactly why. Last night, I suddenly thought of this website replacement program this thing up. So I think it may be caused by the website replacement program. Do not know this idea, right, perhaps master friend encountered this kind of circumstance, still ask expert to point out one or two.

In order to increase the degree of intimacy with the

search engine, now I stand all the composition, almost all the students to write the composition, is the individual is not the original composition, also under the treatment of the editor of this site, converted into the equivalent of the original composition. Is a purpose, causing the search engine attention, increase included. And then bring more traffic to the station.

therefore, I write down these contents here, only one point: do website, do not free to replace the program, must choose a very high evaluation website before the entire station program. Otherwise, your website is likely to be the same as my 5 star web. When you have high traffic flow, you will find more and more problems. Then you can only change the program, which is equivalent to making a new website. To search engines included more, that requires more long-term, uninterrupted, a large number of original updates. Otherwise, the consequences are hard to imagine. Everything before was almost zero.