QQ I saw a friend, I was shocked. The signature VANCL, thought, every guest in the recruitment of QQ signature advertisements, talked for a while, he originally bought a pair of trousers, in every guest home, found that the quality and the website does not match, and we immediately contact customer service return, which know the process is very cumbersome a man to buy things, afraid of trouble, general goods to buy a hand, can it will, but this pair of trousers is really disappointed, when I mentioned the customer again, he said anything no longer willing to buy every guest, reputation is a double-edged sword, grasp is not good, it easily lead to negative effect is very strong, there is an old saying, Good news goes on crutches, qiuckly, and popularity of the network, instant messaging developed today, a ripple will produce huge waves, these problems Refracted out, is a network shopping era of integrity crisis, doomed the "light" model of success, but is a flash in the pan, unable to control the quality of the source of the company, and ultimately will be abandoned by users.

Whether it is PPG or

where customers do not have their own production factories, the old Beijing has an occupation called "Daoye", used to describe them is not an exaggeration, modern advertisements and profiteers with attractive prices to attract you, plus Photoshop (PS) a piece of landscaping, high quality and inexpensive clothing born, products to the terminal customers, the problem arose because of the apparel industry is not professional, and not too much to the supplier production process requirements, and the supplier is too much, the quality of the original is difficult to control the problem with a batch one disaster after another, it is prone to a variety of problems, on the one hand to, struggling to meet customer demands and bad reputation, on the other hand, to put a lot of effort with suppliers on product quality problem wrangling, eventually, products The backlog and the default of suppliers’ money will hasten the demise of the light model.

as Angelo subsidiary of BONO, has its own production plant, can adjust the product cost and quality at any time, but BONO missed a chance to most people First impressions are strongest, after experiencing PPG and where the products of network purchase similar products produce psychological resistance, which affected the development of their own BONO in a certain degree, but BONO realized that the use of the principle of word-of-mouth marketing, the pseudo pyramid model, how to network marketing shirt in the future, we will have to wait and see.

leather industry, also appeared in the network marketing pioneer, Milene, to create high-grade leather as the goal of professional men’s leather goods brand, the author as an editorial, invited to Yangzhou Milene’s flagship store, "early Milene also do fine counter, but in order to make customers get more profits, we choose to take the network marketing mode, relying on fashion models and excellent quality, plus the flagship store to give customers zero distance experience, I believe we can make consumers satisfied with the" store manager told me, when I asked how to avoid the problem of return after the purchase, he told me, "