webmaster really dead I don’t know in this sentence behind with a question mark, exclamation mark, period or comma. Or webmaster themselves,

!Guo Jijun joined

ylmf, a webmaster idol also withdrew from the ranks of the webmaster, Guo Jijun said: the webmaster is not dead, just another way to live.

Baidu’s introduction to Guo Jijun:

, a run around the madman, one of the 90% owners believe that the mature man is good, a family living busy guy

two, conference madman Guo Jijun

three, old man Guo Jijun

four, Guo Jijun at home,

five, profitable Guo Jijun

Guo Jijun in the ranks of the webmaster, is more famous, but relative to other webmaster, the king of the A5, refused to swim the fish im286, and so on. Guo Jijun is not a decent website can bring to commercial operation or objective income, Guo Jijun should be a choice for the right choice.

, the webmaster is dead. Here’s a brilliant analysis of http://s.admin5.com/article/20100804/257607.shtml, 1281535445


analysis of the current classification of webmaster,

, 1 full-time webmaster, now full-time webmaster ratio should be below 50%, because it is very difficult to have a full-time webmaster, has been unable to adapt to the society and the living expenses, the garbage station, CA Bianqiu station should be accounted for a large proportion, and even some people do illegal websites, and part of the webmaster can do something for the enterprise the enterprise website to maintain daily life.

2, student webmaster, this piece of the proportion should be in about 30%, students basically out of personal hobbies and earn some living expenses, of course, there are some do good webmaster, but very little.

3, part-time webmaster, this part should be more, mostly say in the enterprise company to work, there are more abundant personal time, for personal hobbies and make money ideas.

due to the introduction of relevant policies by the end of last year, it brought great shock to the webmaster.

The survival situation of


Some full-time webmaster

come from many years ago, some websites have company, develop a lot of business, the day should be relatively moist, but that part of it should not be called the webmaster, webmaster should be used. At present, some full-time work stations, most of the income is very small, or even zero, only a small part may be better days. Then the domestic employment pressure is big, many university students after graduation also become full-time webmaster.

student stationmaster, choose stationmaster this line >