mobile phone network has started from the wholesale domain name application today has more than February, not much time, but which also experienced something unusual, I believe many grassroots webmaster enough experience in the Admin5 Adsense nets write some of their own experiences, and share the webmaster.

is a mobile phone wholesale network prototype began to be a mall, Internet to find the source, choose a lot, see a lot of online mobile phone wholesale agent source, finally saw the Zhuhai mobile phone network feel good, on the application of the ASP spatial and domain, the most headache thing was that. A spread of the Internet is not complete, to modify the source code yourself, now just think of a child often heard a word, "the book to use square hate less". Time constraints, the study of source code takes too much time to give up. Then find a lot of finally found the best mall program ECSHOP, ECSHOP had just acquired by shopex soon, ha ha, but the forum popularity is very busy, but also free and open source, and taking a long time to reach an agreement of communication, help me put the space into PHP, and sent 100M MYSQL.

ECSHOP found on the forum posts, find tutorials, finally, using ECSHOP to build a Shenzhen mobile phone wholesale agent network, results are satisfactory, not what the content inside, a week after the GG spider climb over, was collected, during their in thinking about SEO things, use some cheating tactics, unexpectedly, just second days to be included by K, the mood is really very hit change radically. GG webmaster tools is good, welcome to use GG administrator tools GG administrator back a letter soon included, but Baidu has not seen during the collection, reflection, it seems that SEO is not anxious to write, patience, slowly accumulated.

in the major forums also see other people say that Baidu has a period of inspection of the new station, but this inspection period is too long.. It can let a person collapse, also tried to use the Baidu space, the effect can also be, or Baidu’s own good things, but the feeling the weight of the Baidu space is not so high, because too many people know the point of the relations, to Post Bar and Baidu know made something, finally when nearly a month, mobile phone wholesale agent network has finally been Baidu included, the spider early too, just now, oh, it seems that Baidu is indeed in the investigation.

During the

website changed a few times, I was driving space as a toy to play, ECSHOP replaced DEDECMS, mainly because of the speed, suspected relationship with dynamic ECSHOP resources, ECSHOP can also generate static HTML, but my space services there does not seem to support, and do not want to go to him and simply replaced DEDECMS, later learned that this is a new taboo, but fortunately, with the DEDECMS acquisition to some contents under >