Hello, I am Quanzhou Talent Hotline webmaster, since the last released a "talent on cable combat operations profit sharing experience" a lot of people ask me, see you on the site with a university a recruitment, how to talk to, how much profit, and so on. Let’s explain it to you today. My writing is not very good, is a hardcore webmaster, can see on the line, ha ha, I hope you webmaster understanding.

in early June, the Quanzhou Normal University there contact us, said they would like to open a real summer recruitment, we will ask members to sponsor them, and promotional costs, I feel my intention, will station operation time is not too long, and the need to promote open visibility, most after the further the detailed discussion, the final decision, I will contact the Quanzhou Talent Hotline all enterprises contact list, for them, then we provide their posters and banners, promotional costs, and other expenses with a resume arch.

1, the enterprise list provides, the enterprise has collected 73, has the contact way and has greeted, the enterprise each institute collects 40 yuan, we free. But we don’t have much cost, just one person takes some time,.

2, posters, posters size is one meter long, 0.8 meters wide, a total of 58 Zhang, each 15..5 yuan, spent 899 yuan.

poster renderings:


poster wanted to design your own website, then think about the early spring weight didn’t multiple, in the pig can also be a chain, and I made a task in the pig, the chain effect is good for Baidu. 58 posters are posted in Quanzhou normal, each big mouth, Quanzhou teachers 30 thousand students at school. We think it’s worthwhile to pay like this.

. 3, is a total of 10 banners, banners, recruitment Hall 4, 1 arches of job fairs, Quanzhou Normal University restaurant 1-3 restaurant of a school gate, a school, a crossing into the dormitory. The cost is 7 yuan per meter, 10*12*7=840 yuan is the price of the scroll.

can look at the scroll effect diagram, scroll effect on my site traffic has brought a great deal of action,


4, and then resume lists of things, in fact did not mention the resume list each other, but we have to carry out sponsorship, because we are all beneath each resume list printed in our website address and contact information of advertising. Resume printed 2000, 300 yuan, recruitment will be noon soon, resume empty.

well, that’s how the job fair begins, but how do we make a profit from the job fair?