for the website, I count on the novice novice, this year (2009) in March, was in contact with the concept of "higher" (never heard of)

I will try, like men do click advertising projects (then thinking is very simple, want to come now, that really is a fool), so kekepengpeng did ten days, think this is not reliable. So just give up, the middle is broken in half a month, I do not know where to listen all Wangzhuan, is to earn advertising fees, the premise is to have your own website, then I wanted to go without demur, learn how to do so, mimihuhu learned a month making web pages.

began to think the site is very simple, because the teacher is called us ", but the difference is very big, the teacher is in the" fur (the most basic things, but you’re really a static page) to build a website on the Internet, at least to the a dynamic web page. Then began the ASP dynamic page, which also eat a lot of pain, take the IIS 500 internal server error problem put me tired. Don’t die, what people can ask the teacher, not the production of dynamic web pages, each encounter problems, can only be Baidu or to ask the group inside web learning group is 10, basically ask answer, only one answer is "I don’t know, also a novice, you still go to use Baidu Search


now can only rely on Baidu, but the answer to all kinds of network lie, no way can a Nothing is too strange., a try, because he will not get up in the learning process, and this month, reinstall the system more than 10 times, IIS N times, once again, the hard disk broke (OK computer no warranty). (I could find the video on the Internet, go to the library self-study, not a teacher, the teacher is the only Baidu) is making your own web page (now I still can’t give up halfway up the complete establishment of a web site). Because find a blog template from the Internet (Z-blog), used to be silly, don’t know this template good stuff so four days ago to buy the domain name server to buy their own blog to unsuspectingly built.

I’m a newbie. Http://, let’s talk more.