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entrepreneurship competition in today’s society, but also attracted many entrepreneurs to participate in Zhejiang Province, recently, the first "Internet plus" College Students’ entrepreneurship competition in like a raging fire of.

8 28 days to 30 days, the first in Zhejiang province Internet plus "College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship competition and the first Chinese" Internet plus "College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship competition trials held in Hangzhou normal university. After layers of competition, the 73 teams from the province’s colleges and universities to enter the final PK link, the contest produced a selection of gold and silver award project 58. Today, the awards ceremony and closing ceremony opened in Hangzhou Normal University forgive the curtain.

sharp thinking of College Students’ innovation and Entrepreneurship

It is reported that

will be the scene in public defense, 3 team debut, respectively is the Zhejiang University’s "intelligent visual aids and smart wearable devices" myopia prevention and control team, Hangzhou Dianzi University "based on the voice signaling system and Internet marketing team" Hangzhou Normal University "Bao Bao network favorites – a collection of key small baby online shopping the application of" team assistant.