for many people, business now is not just a slogan, one thing at the same time, the majority of entrepreneurs and many social administration is doing at the same time, local governments are now active in the launch of some help in the entrepreneurship policy.

8 am, Nanjing high speed rail hub Economic Zone, the first financial business and entrepreneurship as one of the urban complex – Chu will be officially opened. This project has not yet opened its doors had become a net profit of 1 billion 500 million yuan, Chinese (Nanjing) software to "valley on behalf of the enterprise and market, professional ideas for the successful operation of the project. It also marks the completion of the implementation of the Yuhuatai District Valley linkage, the integration of the city into a new stage.

software Valley Management Committee person in charge, the first project as software Valley company operation, Chu Qiaocheng to enterprise, market-oriented, professional operation mode, to achieve the "financial capital, the operation of the project, the formation of assets, loans, covering the virtuous cycle of operation target. The project by the software Valley Development Corporation through land auction procedures for delisting take, and organized a professional team to carry out the design and marketing project planning. At present, Chu Qiaocheng has completed the sales area of 60 thousand square meters, achieved sales of 900 million yuan, the basic cost recovery. The remaining part, as well as 73 thousand square meters of commercial, office buildings by software Valley Development Company self-sustaining, assets of more than $1 billion 500 million. This means that, through the operation of the Chu Qiaocheng project, software Valley not only a net profit of 1 billion 500 million yuan, also won the new space for industrial development.

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, "enterprise, market-oriented, professional" idea, in recent years, software Valley built a large data base of industry, entrepreneurship and innovation city project, the information security industry park, apartments and other personnel in the construction project, to promote industrial development and supporting software Valley park. The first half of this year, software Valley completed software and information services revenue 74 billion 250 million yuan, an increase of 23.2%, accounting for the proportion of the city’s more than 40%, ranked first in the city to complete the progress of software park; service outsourcing executive turnover of $1 billion 600 million, offshore execution amount of $750 million, the total ranks first in the city.

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