high school is a n the envy of many things in many ways for the advantage. However, a high degree in a market is no longer seem to have the advantage, which is the entrepreneurial market. There is such a statement, less educated people is more likely to succeed, on the contrary, the higher education is not suitable for business, and this is the theoretical basis?

according to this observation, in fact this argument makes sense, because the less educated people do not read too many books, high educated people earlier to enter the society, they are also more abundant social experience than their peers, at the same time, due to the low degree, they will also be put under the shelf, to engage in grassroots the work, which is often the most, can exercise a person.

In contrast to

, China influenced by traditional education, higher education often means a high income, good working environment, hard Hanchuang hard ten years, but did not read the book and to engage in the same work, it is certainly not worth. Therefore, this caused the higher education, the more suitable for the status quo.

but in fact, we carefully analyze, for a high degree of education, entrepreneurship or have some advantages.

1, technical support, a high degree of education often have a good grasp of some of the theoretical knowledge, analysis of the market is also more detailed, able to engage in a number of high-tech projects.

2, financial support, highly educated entrepreneurs have more capital to apply to raise start-up capital.

3, team support, highly educated people are more likely to set up an excellent entrepreneurial team, members will give you more recognition.

therefore, we are not able to generalize, that is no longer suitable for high education entrepreneurship, in fact, many of them are some of the psychological causes. In short, a high degree of education is not suitable for entrepreneurship, more mental preparation, more contact with the community, to recognize the difference between the school and the community, to expand interpersonal relationships, highly educated people can also be entrepreneurial success.